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Netflix not working on Roku

Roku is the gateway to hundreds of legitimate TV channels, news, sports, movies, music and more. You can watch many channels here especially when you can access other streaming services through it. As Roku is a simple and excellent streaming device, it does not create many issues and problems.

Sometimes users face issues like Netflix not working on Roku. You can solve this issue with a few troubleshooting methods like, deactivate the channel, updating Roku, reinstalling Netflix, or resetting the Roku.

Netflix not working on Roku

Here we are discussing some troubleshooting methods, starting with the simple stuff and moving onto the others. Let’s see these fixes one by one:

Reboot your Roku

Rebooting is the simplest fix and you should try it first before proceeding with others. Try a quick reboot, first of all. It fixes all sorts of issues. Remove power, wait a minute and replace power. Then try to open Netflix.

Deactivate Netflix from Roku

Netflix requires its own subscription, that’s why it uses an authentication process. Though this process is separate but it is through Roku and gets everything working. When there is an issue with communication between the Netflix authentication server and your device, it stops working on Netflix. Deactivating it and reactivating again will fix the issue.

  1. Go to Roku and click on Settings.
  2. Click on Netflix Settings and Deactivate.
  3. Click to your choice when prompted.
  4. Go to the Roku home screen and select Netflix.
  5. Follow the wizard and set it up again.
  6. After logging back into Netflix with your account, you can now view your TV shows and movies once again.

Update your Roku

After updating Roku, your many channel issues get solved. When the channel gets updated but your Roku is not updated, it will introduce instabilities into your system. Checking for an update takes very less time, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Home button on your Roku remote and go to Settings.
  2. Click on System and System Update.
  3. Go to Check Now. If you find that any updates are available there, then update it now.
  4. Let the system to update.

Now open Netflix again if it is working or not.

Uninstall and reinstall Netflix

This is the easiest troubleshooting step. Uninstall Netflix and install it again. Follow below steps to proceed:

  1. Go to Roku and click on Settings.
  2. Go to Netflix Settings and click on Deactivate.
  3. Click to confirm your choice when prompted.
  4. Go to the Home button using your Roku remote.
  5. Select Netflix and press the Star button.
  6. Click on Remove Channel.
  7. Browse channels and then reinstall Netflix.

You have a choice add or remove channels from your browser but it is possible only if you are in front of your TV, or do it from within your Roku.

Reset your Roku

If all of the above options are not working for you, then reset Roku. This will reset your Roku back to factory defaults and lose your channels and any configuration changes you have made previously.

  1. Click on the Home button from your Roku remote and click on Settings.
  2. Go to System and Advanced System Settings.
  3. Go to Factory Reset and Factory Reset Everything.
  4. After a couple of minutes, reboot and reinitialize.

and it should be up and ready to go. You will need to log back into it and set everything up again but everything should now work fine.

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Netflix not working on Roku
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